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The Top 10 Hottest Christmas Toys

Odds are that your kids have already started compiling their the list of what they want for Christmas. Therefore, it's a good idea for parents to start thinking about what presents they will be getting their kids. As an added bonus, early planning means that you will miss out on the chaos of the common Christmas rush.

You're probably wondering, what ARE the hottest Christmas toys this year? Are some of the toys from last year going to be on anyone's list this year? If you are looking for the best toys for kids, then look no further; read on for a list of top ten toys for this Christmas season.

1. Lego City Coast Guard

If anyone happens to get into trouble in the waters of Lego City, there's no need to fear; the Coast Guard Patrol is there to save the day. This toy set comes with the following accessories: a submarine, helicopter, submarine launcher, lighthouse with rocks and sharks, and lots more. Recommended for kids five years old and over.

2. Furby Boom Interactive Plush

A brand new generation of Furbies are hatching to give your child and enhanced experience combining virtual play and real world interactions. Your Furby Boom will respond to you and will change its personality based on how its treated. Additionally, with the help of the Furby Boom app, your child can collect and raise a whole city of virtual Furbies. Recommended for kids aged 6 years and older. Requires 4 AA batteries.

3. Flutterby Flying Fairy Doll

The only magical fairies that can really are the Flying Fairies by Flutterby. Then can glide through the air quickly and are easy to control. Comes with a beautiful stand for launching and charging the fairy. Recommended for kids 6 years old and over. Will require 6 AA batteries.

4. VTech Innotab 3S Wifi Learning Tablet

This tablet provides kids with a wide variety of fun, but age appropriate, learning games. It also comes with Wifi capabilities for even ways to learn and play. Recommended for kids aged 3-9 years old.

5. Monopoly Empire Board Game

This game is just like the original version except for one little twist; the objective in Empire is to buy popular brands (CocaCola, McDonalds, Xbox, etc.) and adding them to your growing (literally) empire. It is recommended for anyone age 8 and over. Gameplay involves 2-4 players.

6. Nerf N-Strike Elite Rapid Strike CS-18

This gun delivers rapid fire blasting action up to 75 feet. It's fast and easy to get moving with the Nerf N-Strike Elite Blaster. It will require 4 C batteries and is recommended for kids 8 years old and up.

7. Monster High 13 Wishes Doll

In the 13 Wishes movie, the ghouls are off on another exciting adventure, complete with new friends and new fashion. The ghouises must save the day when Howleen is granted 13 wishes and chaos ensues. Girls will love recreating movie moments with any one of the fully articulated Monster High ghouls.

8. Sesame Street Big Hugs Elmo

Big Elmo loves getting hugs almost as much as he loves giving them. Your child will have tons of fun dancing, cuddling, and play pretend with everyone's favorite Sesame Street Pal. It is recommended for kids aged 18 months to 4 years old. It will require 4 AA batteries.

9. Zuru RoboFish with Castle and Coral

Simply drop your RoboFish into a bowl of water and watch it come to life just like a real fish. Includes a castle and two pieces of coral for the Robofish to swim around while navigating through his watery environment. Recommended for kids 3 years old and up. Requires 4 cell batteries.

10. Teksta Robotic Puppy

Teksta is a robotic puppy that responds to your voice just like a real dog. Cutting edge technology lets you train him to be your perfect pet. Come with a bone and ball accessories. Will need 4 AA batteries.

This guide, of the hottest Christmas toys, will give you just what you need to avoid unhappy kids and big crowds at the mall this year. Happy Shopping!

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